Goats Only


The edict above is inscribed on the stoop of our barn.  Actually the place was originally built for goats and chickens, but the message seems clear enough: Goats belong here.

Day two of barnraising involved a lot of preliminary head-scratching on the part of our resident carpenters (which is to say, not me). You see, the barn was built in the 1970s and is made of stone, with upper walls and a roof of wood. The wood has completely rotted out, while the stone walls remain steadfastly in place. Day One mainly involved setting fenceposts in concrete.  The beginning of Day Two looked like this:


The problem: the stone part of the building is irregular, and it’s basically impossible for orderly, right-angled wooden construction to sit on top. Compromises had to be made.  But first, empty out all the stuff.


Then, tear off the roof.


Then put up new rafters. Ok actually there was a lot more head-scratching between roof off and rafters on. But eventually:


Then it was time to finish for the day but we had to get a temporary roof on to protect the chickens overnight.  So:


And that’s how it looks right now.  More work to do today (obviously).  Amish we ain’t, but it’s coming together and when it finally IS finished, it’s going to be so great!

So there you have it. Oh, and tomorrow guess what I get to do?  Say ‘Hello’ to my leetle frens:


Stay tuned!!

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