Hey Baby!

About three weeks ago I planted seeds for veggies I want to grow in my garden.  I’ve always ended up buying started veggies from the nursery when spring rolls around, but it’s more expensive that way, and you’re at the mercy of the nursery as far as varieties goes.  So this year I ordered seeds from Baker Creek – an heirloom Brandywine tomato, an Armenian melon, and a Marketplace cucumber.  Actually I had some others, but I’m doing a swap with my neighbor, so I’ll get my squashes and eggplant and a couple other types of tomatoes from her.  Peppers from the nursery, because Baker Creek was sold out of the ones that I wanted.  Anyway, today it was time to transplant the babies from their seedling soil (which has almost no nutrients) to some rich soil for their next round of growing.

Hey Babies!


How do you like your new digs?


Already in the ground are Lacinato kale, Swiss chard, and Prizetaker leeks.  They’re all in a raised bed that I covered with a sheet of black plastic to protect them from freezing in the snow (and from cat poop – I’m talking to you, Junebug).  It makes them less photogenic, but ah well.  They’re alive!  Once the rain stops (supposedly today) this bed will get covered with straw, which will help keep it moist and prevent it from getting too hot.  I might end up doing a similar treatment with all my beds, but using garden cloth instead of plastic.  Keeps the weeds down and did I mention cat poop?  Not something you want among your veggies.  Yuck-O.



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