The Fence Is Up!

This weekend was extremely satisfying for Team Goat Pen: We put up the new fencing! 170 feet of no-climb heavy gauge horse fencing.  Sort of a mystery why the feed stores carry something called ‘goat fencing’ that is only 4 feet tall (too short to keep bouncy goats in or hungry predators out) with 4 x 4″ holes big enough for baby mini goats to shove their little heads through.  The goat book says if they can get their heads through, they’ll try to get their bodies through (getting stuck or injured in the process) and that 5′ tall is the better height for a goat pen.  So that’s what we did.  I’d rather spend the money now than have the heartbreak of losing goats and expense of replacing them later.

But, man, was that stuff heavy!


My dad and I also assembled the gate using recycled redwood and a section of nice welded wire my mom gave us.  Points for salvaged building materials!  And hanging up that sturdy new gate on our brand new fenceposts really gave us all a sense of closure. (har har har)


And at the end of the day we got to enjoy a some beers while taking in the lines of our lovely and straight new fence. Ahhhhh….


Diego and Hank will be coming home on Sunday. And a little doeling will be joining the family in a few more weeks!

Next on the agenda: beeeeeeees.


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