Best Twenty Bucks I Ever Spent

So, slight change of plans. Instead of getting my bees in early May, I’m getting them on Saturday! That means baby goats and bees coming home on the same weekend. Crazy. Anyway, I’d been putting off getting a beekeeper’s suit because they’re kind of expensive and you have to order them online and I don’t know. I’ve been obsessed with goats for the past few weeks so it moved down the on list. I already have a veil, smoker, hive tool, and 9 frame hive body that were given to me by my dad two Christmases ago when moving back up here was just a crazy dream.  But now suddenly I’m having my first fieldwork lesson with my beekeeping group and picking up my nuc (bees and a queen) on the same day because the rain has stopped and flowers are blooming and it’s go time!  So dangit, I need a beekeeping suit.

I’d been advised that a hardware store in town sells used coveralls for cheap, but that the selection is limited and they’re usually dark blue and button-up.  I needed a light colored suit with a zip-up (no bees in my bra, please) but I figured I’d check anyway and maybe I’d get lucky.

I got lucky: A white zip-up suit with a snap collar for $19.95 and it fits!


I don’t think I’ll be scoring any hot dates in this get-up (in my defense, there’s a pair of jeans, tall boots, and a longsleeve shirt under there) but I’m feeling bee-ready!

4 thoughts on “Best Twenty Bucks I Ever Spent

  1. Yep, I’m all ready for the bees. I’m also realizing that as soon as I get them settled in I need to tackle the garden before it’s completely swallowed by vetch. I think next year I’m going to take the entire month of April off from work just so I can stay on top of things around here as spring explodes.

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