Take My Dog to Work Day

One thing about being your own boss, with your own office, and your own schedule, is you can do things like bring your dog to work.  Some lucky people can do that anyway, but before I became self-employed, I never could.  When I first become self employed, my office was in my house. I thought that would be great for Lola because I would be around all the time.  Lola is a rescued street dog and has some serious emotional problems, so while all dogs are pretty dependent on their owners and don’t like to be left alone, Lola is an extreme case.  She’s seven now, and she’s gotten a lot better, but she’s still pretty, well…special. 

Unfortunately, working from home hasn’t been good for us.  She obviously thinks there’s something very wrong with me being home, sitting for hours on end at a desk typing away instead of playing outside.  She does everything she can to get me up, including barking loudly at imaginary things.  So I rented an office in town, and while I have stated my primary reason was to have a place to meet clients, I also kind of wanted to get away from Lola.

Today I decided to try something new.  Lola has not appreciated the arrival of the baby goats, who are getting lots of my attention and live in a pen that she’s pretty sure was specially made to keep her out.  This morning it was clear to me she’s feeling even more neurotic than usual.  So I decided to bring her with me to work, and see how that goes.


So far so good.  We went for a little walk around lunchtime, and she felt very proud to be wearing her harness and leash again like she used to do when we lived in the city.  Funny that she would like that better than running around totally free at the ranch, but like I said…special.   She’s been very quietly sleeping at my feet for most of the day.  She won’t sleep in her bed (of course) and I’m realizing she really needs a bath, but other than that, I am going to tentatively label this experiment a success!

2 thoughts on “Take My Dog to Work Day

  1. She totally is giving me that look! After 6 1/2 years of being the center if my universe she still looks at me like I’m a dog-eating monster when I take her picture. Oy.

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