Who I Talk About When I Talk About ‘Us.’

Yes, I am a single girl, but I’m not a lonely girl. I have an amazing community of people around me all the time at the ranch.  We all have our own schedules and obligations, but we do come together quite a lot.  When I say ‘us’ or ‘we’ in this blog, I’m usually referring to this core group of people.

First off, there’s my roommate, Paul. He made us fantastic pizza from scratch last night:


He’s getting his PhD in history from UC Santa Barbara, and he’s up here to write his dissertation in the peace and quiet. And normally it is peaceful and quiet, although sometimes we find ourselves getting up to no good (generally because of whiskey and old vinyl records).

Then there are my neighbors, who are more like family, really. I’ve known them my entire life.

In fact, allow me to share with you one of the greatest photos ever taken.  Here is my dad, my godfather (and neighbor) Wayne, and my ‘uncle’ Larry (also my neighbor) when they were building my house way back when before I was born.


I mean, right? Best picture EVER (eat your heart out, Instagram!).

Then there’s Gina, who has already been in the blog. She’s married to Larry, and is my partner in goat husbandry.  Here she is holding Diego:


And there are other ranch folk, who are here in spirit even when they aren’t always here in body: my bestie sister Erin, my dad and his wife Betsy, my oldest friend Megan, and many other wonderful friends.  They will pop up in stories and pictures for sure.

Oh, and we can’t forget Lola and Junebug, the rescued dog and kitty A-Team:


So that’s the crew. Shout out to the crew!

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