Dirt Day

Today is finally dirt day.  I have been planning for months to go get a load of dirt from Rare Earth (a wonderful place in town that makes a whole line of different kinds of compost and soils), but every time I’d get set to go, it would rain. No point in getting a load of mud. Around here, the native soil is pretty much just red clay and rocks. I haven’t been studious or diligent on making a good working compost pile, so I have to import good dirt to grow my garden in.  Last year I brought in a yard (enough to fill up the back of my pickup) just to fill one new herb bed I built in the front of the house.


I fudged it in the veggie garden with several sacks of compost and chicken manure, but this year I want all new soil in the raised beds and containers, because I want my garden to really feed me and not just be a hobby garden.  That means high production for limited space.  That means good dirt.

So today is dirt day. Here are a couple of before pictures. I hope to have some great afters later!

Here is the insanely overgrown garden plot. Can you even tell there are raised beds under there?


Here it is after some weedeating (so much more to do!).


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