Today was another busy day, with lots of chores to get done.  This morning I checked on the bees and put the second hive body on top.  They hadn’t built out the outer combs yet, so I’m going to keep feeding them the syrup.  The hive was positively crammed with bees though, and they are bringing back huge amounts of pollen right now which means they are raising brood and doing well.

Another really important task for today was fixing a broken irrigation pipe before the irrigation gets turned on for the year.  Things dry out fast around here, and I would be pretty bummed if I couldn’t get the water going because of that busted pipe. I’d watched my dad do this stuff a zillion times, but this was the first time I did it all by myself.


The arrow shows where I had to replace a fitting and reconnect the pipes.  Not terribly glamorous, but I feel very pleased with myself.  It took a lot of careful digging to reveal the break without doing any more damage. Once I got that done, the rest was pretty easy.

While I was out there I noticed that seemingly overnight, the spent blossoms on the peach tree had turned into tiny peaches. And it’s absolutely covered! (sorry for the blurry photo)


I am thrilled that the peach tree is doing so well.  It makes the most delicious little peaches, but the year before last I gave the tree a major pruning and it’s taken until now to recover.  Whew!

My new honeycrisp apple tree is doing fantastic, which is also a relief because I bought it this winter as bareroot and I have to tell you, it was looking like a sad little stick in the ground for a long time.  I thought maybe it wasn’t going to make it. But it looks gorgeous, and is even going to bloom.


Finally, here’s a cute picture of Fauna the chicken and Diego the goat.


I learned a funny thing about Fauna this weekend: She likes to be held. She actually likes to be held so much that she will try to jump into your arms while you’re standing.  Even funnier, since Diego thinks he’s a lap goat, he jumped into my lap this morning when I went out to see them, and Fauna jumped right up too, so I was holding a big old chicken and a little baby goat in my arms at the same time. I wish I could have gotten a picture, I’m sure it looked hilarious.  Fauna has an upper respiratory infection right now, and we’re hoping it’s not actually a sign that she has cancer in her crop. I don’t know her age, so it’s possible that she is quite an old hen, in which case cancer isn’t too unusual. Sad! I’m starting her on antibiotics asap to see if that will clear up her infection, and maybe she’ll get better.  I hope she does!

Once again, I find myself in desperate need for a shower.  Time to go put the goatyboys to bed, and then I can get myself clean!

4 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. The PA is proud of his plumbing daughter. These skills will turn out to be in high demand. Broken pipes are standard fare on the ranch and it is good to know you can deal with it.

  2. Broken pipes: check. Pump not working: above my pay-grade. Larry called the service pump people who are coming out on Monday. So still no irrigation water for now.

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