Bee Trap Movie

I had a swarm of bees move into the wall right outside my home office yesterday.  They were also getting into the house, because the house is well…gappy. So today I went to Randy Oliver’s place (he’s my beekeeping instructor) and got a nuc box with a small nuc (worker bees and a queen) and verbal instructions on how to do a ‘trap out’ and transfer of the bees in the wall to the nuc box.

Can I just say that I’ve been beekeeping for TWO WEEKS? I am a very DIY gal, but I have an overwhelming desire to have someone else do this for me. And yet, here I am.  Onward ho!

Then when I came home – with a bunch of live bees flying around inside my car, because I didn’t drive my truck out there, because I actually didn’t realize I was going to be bringing home live bees – the bees in my wall were gone. Perhaps my having blocked off a lot of their woodpecker hole entrances with spray insulation yesterday made them decide that the wall was not a great place to live after all. But I still had this nuc of bees in my car.  So I went to my uncle Steve’s house. He also got swarmed a week or so ago.  I figured I might as well do for him what I had planned to do for myself.  So here is a movie of my bee trap-out and nuc all the way up a high ladder which I did all by myself.  You should know that nucs are not light, they are awkward, they are full of bees, and I’m pretty sure Randy told us not to do this by ourselves on the first day of beekeeping class, but like I said, onward ho.

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