Butter Comes Home This Weekend!


Butter, standing tall, ready to take on the world!

I got an email from the breeder saying that Miss Butter is feeling very grown up and is off the bottle and eating alfalfa and grain and would like to come home a week early. Very exciting!  Maybe she can help her slacker roommates figure out how to start eating poison oak.  The little doots (our collective nickname for the boys) are not cooperating on the forage front.  Their large pen is full of all kinds of yummy things to munch on: Black oak, live oak, poison oak, vetch, thistles, and plain old grass. Yet they pretty much just want to eat alfalfa and stay close to the barn.


Hay eaters!

The doots were not bottle babies, they were raised by their mama, and I’m starting to think they are real mama’s boys!  Get out there and doot your jobs!

6 thoughts on “Butter Comes Home This Weekend!

  1. Thanks! Yeah, they are on hay rationing right now. They get about 2/3 to 3/4 of a flake a day. But they act like they’re staaaarving when it’s feeding time. Meanwhile they’re surrounded by good eats. Oy.

  2. When we moved the girls out to the farm it definitely took a while for them to adjust to eating fresh forage vs the alfalfa they were used to. I would give it a little time and see if things improved. From what I read about Butter she might be able to give them just the push start they need!

      • Their favorite ended up being maple trees, specifically those helicopter seeds. Once that jumpstarted things they started on all the other brushier things. Goats are strange, unusual creatures…

      • Yeah, about the only things the boys will eat (other than hay) right now are the oak flowers (they’re sort of fluffy pollen bundles) that are falling right now. Kinda sorta similar.

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