Little Sister

We brought little Butter home yesterday, and man, is she a cutie!


photo by Gina Jensen-Hill

When we brought the boys home they were completely freaked out.  They were panting and crying and took more than an hour to calm down.  When we brought Butter home she took it all in, then climbed into my lap and took a snooze. When she woke up she went right over and started munching on some grass. Ok, a star is born.


That’s right, just as I predicted, Butter immediately noticed that her new home is full of wonderful things to eat.  Whereas the boys finish their hay and then stomp around like grouchy teenagers until their next mealtime, Butter happily browses.  Occasionally Diego will come over to see what she’s doing, but he hasn’t figured it out yet.  Hank just stares at the hay net, waiting for more alfalfa to appear.  Oh boys.

She is so much littler than the doots, who are chubby and very boyish by comparison.  She has the dantiest little face and head, like a fawn.  Right now the boys are pushing her around quite a bit, reminding her that she’s the little sister, and they are the big brothers.  Diego is especially rotten to her, as he is the middle goat.  He wants to make sure she doesn’t get any ideas!

From what we’ve been told, though, when she matures, she will assume the Top Goat title. In the meantime, we’ve got to get another hay net and mineral feeder, because the boys keep chasing her off.  She gets about three bites in before they notice she’s there and give her a big butt in the side.  Not very nice.


The world’s tiniest feeding frenzy!

Anyway, when it’s bedtime everyone seems to calm down, and they all sleep together on the palette very sweetly.  It’s impossible to get a picture of that, because as soon as they realize we’re there, they all jump up and come running.

So that’s the goat update! Garden update later, as I’m about to get the rest of my veggies and put them in the ground.

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