Mystery Grapes

I discovered something super cool when I was out pulling up the old spent vetch in the garden: the old gnarly mystery grape vine that volunteered probably 25 years ago is actually going to make grapes this year!


Baby grapes!

I’ve never seen real, edible grapes from this vine. I once saw the shriveled remains of some purplish raisins on it, but that’s about it. I cut it waaaay back last summer because it was pulling down my garden fence. I let two long but orderly vines remain to run along the top edge, but everything else was hacked off. Well, it guess it liked that.


Lots and lots of baby grapes!

I remember when Megan lived on a big ranch that had a vineyard, that we fertilized the vines when the grapes were starting to grow like this, so I’m going to look into what I need to do to encourage the vine to produce good fruit. But how fun is that? A surprise from the mystery grape!

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