That’s Not a Kale Plant . . . It’s a SPACE Station

Stormtroopers on my kale plant

Without anyone noticing, the Empire took over this region of space known as the Kale System, and it’s now swarming with Stormtroopers. Or aphids. Whatever you want to call them.  Tons and tons of faceless little white robots marching to and fro with no particular purpose except total universe domination.

Assume the scrappy little rebellion known as ‘me’ is short on resources at the moment and cannot buy organic non-toxic insecticide or, preferably, a bag of live ladybugs to help restore freedom to the galaxy.  She must rely on the good blaster at her side. (Filled with 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water.)


“Peeowm! Peeowm!”

But no! The deflector shield was up! Our weapons were no match for this fully operational battle station.


Vader is on that ship. I can feel it.

And so the rebellion was forced to retreat to a distant moon, from which she would launch a desperate attack.  Plans were obtained that may be our only hope of defeating the Empire, once and for all.

  • Three to four cloves of garlic
  • Mineral oil
  • Strainer or cheesecloth
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

To make garlic oil spray, mince or finely chop three to four cloves of garlic, and add them to two teaspoons of mineral oil. Let this mixture sit for 24 hours. Strain out the garlic pieces, and add the remaining liquid to one pint of water. Add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap. This mixture can be stored and diluted as needed. When you need to spray, use two tablespoons of the mixture added to one pint of water in a spray bottle.

To use your garlic oil spray, first test by spraying an inconspicuous part of the plant to see if your mixture harms it at all. If there are no signs of yellowing or other leaf damage after a day or two, it is safe to use. If there is leaf damage, dilute the mixture with more water and try the test again. Once you have determined that it won’t harm your plant, spray the entire plant, paying special attention to the undersides of leaves.

What will come of the rebellion? Will she be able to defeat the evil Empire, or will she be crushed, in one swift stroke? STAY TUNED!

3 thoughts on “That’s Not a Kale Plant . . . It’s a SPACE Station

  1. Great idea! I’ve used the organic garlic-juice stuff but it’s crazy expensive and smells awful (i.e. rotten garlic). I’ve been wondering if there is a way to make it myself — will try this!

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