How Does Your Garden Grow?

Every morning I walk in my garden, looking at every plant, checking the moisture of the soil, pulling the odd weed (the rice straw and garden cloth have been fantastic at keeping weeds down – highly recommend!) and just generally basking in the beauty of what soil, compost, seeds, and a few sets of hands can accomplish. It’s so satisfying.

Even better – the garden is jamming!  I mean for real.  This year I got serious about fertilizer, and started all the plants with compost, lots of chicken manure, and concentrated organic vegetable fertilizer.  It has totally paid off, I almost feel like I cheated!  The tomatoes are huge, the peppers are better than they’ve ever looked by this time of year, and… well, let me just show you:


Cherokee Purple and Jellybean cherry, Roma in the background, the Brandywine I started from a seed is also doing great but it’s out of the frame.


Jalapeno pepper (the Poblanos and the garlic are also doing well but were hard to see in the picture so I cropped them)


The Armenian melon and the Ambrosia melon (which miraculously survived getting stepped on by the dog) are also loving their spot.  So far no gopher attacks (thanks Junebug!)


The Cocozelli di Napoli squash, started from seeds right in the barrel, are huge!


Basil, Tarragon, Feverfew and one of the Calendula in the herb bed


The Marketmore cucumber started from a seed, and the eggplant.


The little Padron peppers got a late start because they were so hard to find! I’m definitely saving seeds from these guys for next year.

The blackberries are flowering, the strawberry patch is full of berries (on the small side, but sweet!), the tomatillos are doubled in size, and the peach and the apple tree both have fruit.  I’ve never had such a varied garden before, and I have to say, I feel like I’m sitting on top of a gold mine, looking down and seeing the Mother Lode glinting in the sun! Eureka!

3 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. We have the Cherokee Purples, which are one of my favorites. We also have some Romas and Brandywine. I am gonna have to document all the ones we started growing this year… It’s 20+ different tomatoes, 7+ different peppers. Crazy how exciting it is to watch everything grow.

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