Olive Blossoms


The huge ancient olive tree is blooming now. And luckily there is a sweet little breeze up today to pollinate it because there is not a honeybee in sight!  The tree is probably 40 feet tall and from a distance it looks yellowish white instead of olive green – that’s how covered in blossoms it is. I am already planning another festa in October to celebrate the olive harvest (and to rope a small herd of friends to help me do the actual harvesting). Did you know that only one blossom in 100 actually produces an olive? Good thing there are so many!

In bee news, there are still tons of coffeeberry bushes in bloom down the northern slope towards the creek. The bees are so in love with the coffeeberry they haven’t moved on to the blackerries that are about 4 days into bloom.  I saw a few bees in the blackberry bushes, but not tons.  Luckily the blackberry bloom is long.  Also, I noticed honeybees in the native tarweed flowers. Tarweed is a pulpy, sappy yellow daisy-ish flower on a long skinny spiky plant.  My mom called them a GDYC. I asked her what that meant. Apparently: “god-damn yellow composite.”  She’s a California native plant nerd. I’d say it’s genuinely nerdy when you have derogatory acronyms for wildflowers casually tripping off your tongue. I don’t feel strongly one way or the other about tarweed, but if my bees like them, they’re fine by me!

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