The Exhilaration of A Job Well Done

I have been so incredibly distracted lately, it’s been causing me some angst.  Specifically, I’ve been getting pulled – hard I might add – in two different directions.  On the one hand, I have all the projects and beasts at the Ranch calling my name, filling me with a sense of excitement and also urgency, given how much there is to do around here.  On the other hand is my law practice, and a mountain of briefs to get through and clients who aren’t terribly enthused to learn that I haven’t filed their paperwork because fixing a leaky irrigation pipe was more important.  I confess that the Ranch has been more alluring than the office, and even though I have been diligently going into town and putting my butt in the chair for a bunch of hours each day, my mind has been elsewhere.

But you know, just because there are butterflies dancing and strawberries ripening and baby goats capering at the Ranch doesn’t mean my professional life should get tossed under the bus.  Sure, being a lawyer is stressful, but I am actually really proud that I went to law school and became a public interest lawyer and work for social justice.  I’m proud I started my own practice.  I’m proud that other lawyers think I’m good at what I do, that I can handle hard cases.  I don’t want to give up this tough work of the mind, just because I have fallen in love with working with my hands.  I insist on doing both.

This week I had to put my lawyer hat back on pretty tight.  Hard cases, big briefs, impending deadlines, no time to chase butterflies!  And about 20 minutes ago I just finished my first California Supreme Court brief as a solo practitioner.  And you know what?  It’s damn good.  In fact, I don’t mind saying I think we’re going to win this thing.  So I’m going to go file it now, and then I’m going to come home and celebrate by setting another fencepost!

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