Merriweather, RIP


Sad news, we lost Merriweather to a hawk yesterday.  She was our steady-laying Ameraucana.  Not the most charming of chickens, but the wiliest one of the bunch for sure.  We think she was selected because of her svelte physique, as opposed to the large and lovely Orp and Barred Rock. We didn’t hear it happen, but the way she vanished into thin air leads us to conclude it came from above.  Security has been lax at the henhouse what with construction going on, but attacks from the sky are hard to prevent in freerange flocks no matter what.  Coincidentally, my mom is bringing out three new pullets today to add to the flock. One of them is an Ameraucana.  They are skittish and suspicious birds, but those blue eggs are just so dang cheerful, I wanted another hen anyway.  Oh well.  Such is life with chickens.  Thank you for your lovely eggs, Merriweather.  I’m sorry you got eaten.

4 thoughts on “Merriweather, RIP

  1. Thanks. I checked the nest boxes this morning (after this post) and there was one last blue egg in there and it made me a little sad :( She was a good chicken.

  2. Awww… Sorry to read/hear about Merriweather. We’re learning what characters the Ameraucanas are so I really feel for you ::hug::

    • Thanks! The new little Ameraucana chickie is settling in. I haven’t let new babies in with the big girls yet but maybe in another 4 or 5 days I will. I would hate to have anything happen to her!

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