Three Stinky Little Rays of Hope



Meet the three new chicks who just spent the night in the big girl room and didn’t get murdered.  They don’t have names yet, but their aliveness is definitely doing it for me.  They had been living in the chick cage inside the chicken run for a week, so the hens could get used to them.  But you never know.  Given the recent losses here at Henge and Hollow Farm, I was dreading the thought of letting them out of the cage and finding them pecked to death an hour later, but the chick cage was getting disgusting in this heat.  It was a cesspool of sour, mushy crumble feed, spilled water, and bird crap.  I was trying to deep bed it with wood shavings but it did no good. Filthy little creatures. It was making me gag, so I had to let them out.  Thank you Flora and Fauna for not being the murderous wenches we all know your kind can be.  I really appreciate it.

While out there I spent a little quality time with the boys.  Hank loves to be brushed.


He gets this real goofy look on his face, like “Awww Yeah.”


I feel like they have changed a little since Butter died.  They are a little more thoughtful or something.  I know, I’m probably projecting. But so be it.  I am glad that they seem calmer and sweeter to me.

Here’s summer salad recipe.

Sigrid’s Beet and Egg Salad

Roast or boil, then peel 4 fresh beets

Hard boil, then peel 4 eggs

coarsely chop all and put into a bowl.

Garnish with a tablespoon finely chopped chives

Season with lots of fresh black pepper and Ume Plum Vinegar (if you don’t have that, red wine vinegar is fine but you’ll need to add salt)

2 thoughts on “Three Stinky Little Rays of Hope

  1. Okay, here’s how I know we’re destined to be BFF’s? I just ate my first beet tonight, and they were beets the chef/hub caramelized from our own organically-raised mini-supply. I was all, “I don’t want to grow beets, they seem dorky,” and he did it anyway, and I watered them and fertilized them and was still suspicious, and FINALLY, he created this beet wonder to go with our Sunday Crazy Salads and they were amazing.

    And I’m super glad you’re feeling a little better.

  2. Thanks! Yay about beets! For most I my life I thought that beets were toxic waste and tasted like old tires (because apparently I know what those taste like). Only recently was I convinced to re-try them and discovered my bad impression came from the fact that the beets I was used to were the scary rubber ones from a can that they put next to the kidney beans at the salad bar (causing young children to confuse the two and scarring them for life). Yuck. Real fresh beets are yummy and delicious and good with goat cheese too!

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