Welcoming Summer With A Homesteading Confab

Welcoming Summer With A Homesteading Confab

aka the Northern California Greenlife EcoFest

Wha-huh?  If I hadn’t just signed on to the Local Food Coalition listserve a couple weeks ago I wouldn’t have found out about this event until after it had already passed me by. (Learning about things after the fact being the traditional way I find out about things I would really like to do).  Phew!

I’ll be going to the canning and dairy goat workshops on Sunday, then digging on all the awesome local vendors and eating some tasty grub.

Happy Solstice All!

3 thoughts on “Welcoming Summer With A Homesteading Confab

    • A lot of speakers at this are a little woo-woo for me, as we have a large New Age contingent here in Nor Cal. Also well-represented are vegans, which I am SUPER not interesting in hearing from. Still, there are two workshops that look good and also beer. So I’m in. I bet your event would have more to offer a gal like me!

      • Oooo, I’m so not into the stinky Tom’s of Maine set. (I’m sorry, but your armpit rocks ain’t makin’ it.) I’d try to get Al Jourgenson to play mine; he’s only like three hours away! Ha!!

        Eh, you’re have fun anyway. Pick up lots of brochures. :)

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