Night Market


All through the summer there is a night market in downtown Grass Valley. Part farmer’s market, part street fair, it’s a big deal for a town with not a lot of nightlife.  Of course it’s full of high schoolers on summer vacation, the girls in packs, twisting pieces of their hair as they giggle and roll their eyes at everything, and the boys with bad skin and raging hormones, clomping down the street with their Gumby legs. And there are the requisite street musicians, the peddlers of crystal necklaces and feather earrings, the tattooed daddies carrying tired kids (gotta get me one of them!) and lots of woven market baskets full of goodies. It’s a good time, and last night we loaded up on gorgeous fresh basil, monster hardneck garlic, green onions, fresh locally made raviolis, three different kinds of berries, and THE BEST peaches I seriously have ever eaten. Naturally my camera was a disappointment, especially in the high contrast light of the evening. But here’s a little sample:




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