An incredible, amazing, magical thing has happened. Meet Peaches.


Back when Gina and I first visited the breeder from whom we bought Butter and the boys, this lovely little doe named Peaches charmed our socks off, following us all over the entire farm as we got a tour. The breeder said she wasn’t for sale.  The doe was pregnant, her second freshening.  She threw wonderful kids. Friendly and “very dairy.”  Not for sale.

Today, after weeks of agonizing about how to tell the breeder that little Butter had died, we finally talked to her about it. Not only was she incredibly understanding and compassionate, even telling us about a recent loss of her own, letting us know that these things do happen no matter how experienced and careful you are, she then did something totally incredible.  She gave us Peaches.

Gave us Peaches.

On top of it being such an incredibly generous thing to do, you have no idea how meaningful it is for us. Giving us this doe is like saying: ‘I trust you, you will take good care of her. You are Goat People.’

We will breed Peaches in her next heat and pay the breeding fee. If she throws a doe in November, the breeder might want to take one. Those are the terms. We pick her up this weekend.  I truly cannot believe it.

I am feeling very very blessed.