Remember the vinca I’ve been trying to exorcise from the slope behind my house? Well ladies and gentlemen, it is officially gone. At least for now. Like other sort of demonic life forms, the vinca is known for being hard to evict once it has taken up residence somewhere. I bet if you looked inside Charles Manson’s head there would be vinca growing in there.

I started last night after work, when the sun had passed over to the other side of the house.


I got pretty far.

But there was still more to do.


Sigh. A lot more.

Today I decided it was time to finish it. I went out there this morning and it was there, laughing at me. It seemed impossible. Just one little me, and all of that evil. I felt like Frodo volunteering to take the ring to Mordor. I was about that excited.

It wasn’t even shady when I started. For about four hours I was hacking away in the midday sun. Essentially I had to remove about 4 inches of topsoil off the entire slope, because it was so matted with vinca roots there was no dirt to shake lose.

Six of these later. . .


And it was finally cleared.


Russian sage planted there in the middle.

I almost didn’t post about this two day project, because, let’s face it, after all that work it still pretty much looks like crap. I wanted to wait until I had a more complete transformation documented, with like flowers and butterflies and whatnot. But dude, that could be months from now.  So you get this crap for now. Whatever. I’m proud of it.

Now time to go soak in some non-zombie inducing bath salts.