Hail, Queen Peaches



Meet our new matriarch, Peaches.  We picked her up this afternoon, brought her home, and installed her on her throne. Her response: “Yeah, I got this.”


She so has it. Just a look from her sends the boys into a tizzy.  They don’t know whether to show off, snuggle up, or run away, so they sort of do a little bit of everything.




Once they realized she wasn’t having it, they both climbed into laps (one on mine, one on Gina’s) and pretended they were little babies again, tucking their heads under our arms for reassurance.


Considering how boisterous and silly these guys usually are, their “I’m a little baby goat” routine is pretty hilarious.


Diego chose this position, then pretended to be asleep. I mean, really.

I just put everyone to bed. The barn suddenly seems very small, I hope everyone has a good night!

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