My Friend Sal


Sal (center)

Oooh right. I don’t have to use the wheelbarrow, I can do a little off-roading in Sal and get the concrete pretty damn close that way. SO much better. Still very dusty, heavy, and hot. But much faster, and no wheelbarrow-induced meltdowns.  I’m surely not the only person in the world who thinks wheelbarrows are sentient beings with borderline personality disorder. They’re terrorists, don’t try to deny it. If my wheelbarrow had a passport, it would be on its way to South Waziristan to learn how to make IEDs with the Taliban, swear to god. F*ck wheelbarrows!

So thanks, Sal. You’re my man!

6 thoughts on “My Friend Sal

  1. TOTALLY the perfect man. Look at all that heavy lifting that he did without a top!

    Wheelbarrows can suck it.


    I shall stop being crude.

      • Dude, go get one from Lowe’s, grab a friend who is adept at instructions, and BOOM, best cart ever. I haul it around, the dog bites the tires…IT’S GOT REAL TIRES. I feel so…enhanced? whenever it does a job for me. It carries up to 1500 lbs. ALMOST A TON. So much yay.

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