Adventures in Hardscaping

So, I’ve been posting off and on about this project, but I never really explained what the heck I was doing. You see, this house was built by my family ’round the time I was born. It’s pretty funky, but over the years it’s gotten nicer and nicer. However, one part of the house that never seemed to get enough love was the back. It’s had an identity crisis ever since the beginning, when it was declared the front of the house, except never, ever used that way.  It was like one of those fancy spotless living rooms no one is allowed to live in, except the ugly wrecky version.  It was always (at least in my memory) just a scruffy hill you had to walk up and over to go feed the animals. It’s never been a place to hang out. Until now!

Here’s the project, from start to finish:


Earlier this year, hill is covered in vinca, retaining wall is rotten, flat area close to house is just dirt.


Clearing the hillside of vinca.


Hillside cleared, one plant in, old retaining wall demo-ed.


Broken up concrete (up-sold as ‘urbanite’ by landscapers but I just grabbed a bunch for free from another project nearby) transported to site and offloaded.


Busted irrigation pipe fixed.


‘Urbanite’ retaining wall built (thanks Mom!), plants in. All plants are deer resistant, drought tolerant, and bee-friendly.


Another shot of the hillside.


Decomposed granite spread around new ‘patio’ area.


Another shot of hillside with plants, new wall, and DG surface. Also notice that big pile of logs has been cleared away. (Thanks Paul!)


New flagstone sitting area! (Thanks Wayne and Paul for helping me move and place these heavy rocks and spread the DG!)

So there you have it. There are a few little things to finish up but it’s too smoky to do it this morning, so I’m going to the grower’s market instead. Cheerio!

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Hardscaping

  1. So awesome to see the new side of the house. It looks so great. So hard to picture it before. Can’t wait to open up that door! Nice work lady.

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