A Bunch of Little Things

Behold, as I make it appear as if I’ve been incredibly productive all weekend (when in reality I have been mostly sitting on a couch, eating various fruits, and hiding out from the smoke inundating us from the Robbers fire).

1. The pantyhose melon project


The trellis for the melons is working great, but the melons need to be supported as they grow, otherwise they’ll get so big they’ll just drop before they’re ready.


Project tool kit.


Melon is now safe and sound in a little hammock stapled to the trellis, with plenty of room to grow.

2. Dried peaches


My mom gave me her food dehydrator (she upgraded) and I have been wanting to give it a spin. I decided to get some peaches at the farmer’s market and try drying them.


Eight bucks worth of peaches only yielded one little bag, and it took a full two days for them to dry, but they taste A-mazing! Like candy. I’m imagining them chopped up in a steaming bowl of oatmeal this winter. Yum.


A few peach halves got too dry and burnt, but Fauna was happy to help me out with their disposal.

3. Pesto mucho


Last year I made a big batch of pesto at the end of the summer with my basil plants and it was awesome to have homemade pesto in the freezer to enjoy long into winter, but I wished I had more! So this year I bought basil at the farmer’s market to make a big batch now, and I’ll make more later on when I harvest my own plants.


Seven generous dinners’ worth – less than I thought I’d get from those big bunches, but a good start!

4. Clean goat shed


This morning, in the yucky smoke, I cleaned out the goat shed, which gets smelly with poop and pee. Then I let the pallet dry for a few hours. The old poopy bedding goes in a big compost pile to be used in next year’s gardens.


The boys immediately had to check out the new clean straw on their bed. Hopefully they can hold off using it as a toilet for a few hours!

4 thoughts on “A Bunch of Little Things

  1. Thanks guys! Yes, Barred Rocks are awesome chickens. They’re big and slow and friendly. Fauna is a real character too, she’s totally unafraid and insists on doing everything HER way.

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