The Bee Feast and a Moment of Bliss


Our huge butterfly bush is finally blooming and the bees are in heaven. So am I, as I enjoy a cup of coffee in my new courtyard and watch the honeybees dance. Wishing all of you a moment of bliss today!

6 thoughts on “The Bee Feast and a Moment of Bliss

  1. I love watching the bees do their work on my varied range of flowers and herbs, but for the life of me….%&*^$*&%^@ I can’t grow a butterfly bush. Here in the Central Valley of California, at least in my yard, they are completely consumed by pests every year.

    • Central Valley is hardcore! How are you doing today? We are withering in the heat so I can’t imagine what it’s like down there. Aye-chihuahua!

    • Yes! Butterflies and hummingbirds and thankfully honeybees too. I say thankfully because at this point in the summer there is nothing wild for them to eat anymore, so I am really glad they like the horticultural plants I have growing.

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