Forty Years On, Thanking the Elders (A Guest Post)

My godfather commented on my party post and it was so touching I decided it needed to be a post of its own. Thank you, Bueno!


Wayne (aka “Bueno”) in the middle, just about 40 years ago, when my house was being built.

Dear sweet Sara-

Just a reminder from your godfather….This is the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Ranch in its current configuration….That is to say, the year your father and I agreed to stay, build homes together and raise our families here. We were  perched on the hill where your dome sits now, looking out on nothing but the black oak forest that surrounds us.  We were invited by his father, John, to come settle here. John represents the earlier generation, and of course it all goes back to his father…..The fact that you have taken on the mantle of not only throwing parties in the tradition we started (although ours of course usually lasted 5 days) but you have chosen to move back and have reinvigorated the Ranch with your energy and enthusiasm all makes my heart want to smile and explode at the same time….I look forward to this weekend, to the re-gathering of new and old friends, and I am reminded of when father John used to wander into our parties, have a beer. look out on the assembled folks and simply say, ” This is a good thing.”  I am excited about opening the festivities with geezer orientation and some visual slide show history for us to remember and reflect on.

Good show dahling!!!!


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