Deer Don’t Like Green Tomatoes

Or zucchini, apparently. Although I’m real glad they tried every single one just to be sure.


Deer keep an open mind.


If you don’t like something, then try, try again.  That’s their motto.


Venison is delicious.  That’s my motto.

Total losses: ALL my ripe romas I was waiting to harvest for the party (and they ate all the flowers to make sure that plant is done for the season), almost my ENTIRE extra hot jalapeno plant (seriously, deer?), most of my poblanos and about half of my padrons. Most of the leaves off my eggplant. All the fruit off my Cherokee purple and early Annie. They knocked over my zucchini after they ate half of each fruit, and they ate about 1/3 of the leaves off my cucumber.

Goes without saying that someone left the gate open last night. Actually, for good measure, collectively we left ALL THREE gates open last night. Because there’s nothing like starting your super fun party weekend feeling like a deflated balloon with the word “jackass” written on it.

2 thoughts on “Deer Don’t Like Green Tomatoes

  1. Deer are a curse from hell, like giant rats with antlers. We have had some success repelling them with electric cattle fencing (seriously). We’re looking into missile-firing drones for next year (kind of seriously).
    I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. Don’t give up on the plants. Some of yours look like they’ll survive. And even plants that look hopeless can and often do come back.

  2. Time to visit your local farmers’ market…..not quite the same as homegrown….but perhaps you’ll find some new and exciting produce options. My husband keeps recording of birds in distress to drive away flying pests from his herb plant…..perhaps a recording of opening day of dear hunting season?

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