Favorite Four-Year-Old checking out a mama hen and baby chick.

For us locals, the Nevada County Fair is a big deal.  There aren’t many opportunities for the entire community to get together at one event, to see and be seen, to share talents, eccentricities, passions, and corn dogs. So when the fair rolls around, the little lanes of our lovely Ponderosa-shaded fairgrounds hustle and bustle like a New York City sidewalk.

With a lot more mullets, of course.

Naturally there are the standard midway rides and hucksters and cotton candy carts, but the real soul of the fair is the agriculture. Equestrian demonstrations, poultry breed exhibits, beekeepers, 4-H market auctions, and ribbons for the best Beefsteak tomato. This year, while Gina was giving a presentation about butterfly gardens for the Nevada County Master Gardeners, I was helping my friends at MiniRidgeTop Farms show their Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  It’s been in the 100s around here, so it was hot and sweaty, but still tons of fun. Maybe next year Henge and Hollow Farm will be there with our own little does to show!

Little Nigies in the show ring.

Fair veggies.