It’s still way too hot outside, but things are doing okay. I discovered last night that my sprinklers in the vegetable garden are not working properly, which explains why things have been looking peaked despite getting more fertilizer and lots of sun. Sometimes it’s the simplest things. Oh well, at least I know now.

Amazingly, all of the plants that were ravaged by deer are coming back for another round – even the Roma tomato, which, because it’s a determinate, I had assumed would not produce any new fruit at this point. But believe it or not, there are new flowers and little green maters all over the plant. What a little trooper!

The Fresno jalapeno was the worst hit and it’s almost fully recovered. Incredible! I’m glad because my mom just clued me in to a great way to use all those super spicy peppers – make chipotles! Hello?! Why hadn’t I thought of that? I was trying to eat them all fresh and was just burning my face off all the time. They will still be hot as chipotles, but I can store them for much longer and use small amounts in all kinds of sauces this winter.

And, as you can see, the tomatillos are coming in now. I just harvested about a pound or so. I wish there was more so I could cook a bigger batch, but I’ll go ahead and make a simple salsa verde this weekend and freeze it. Hopefully I’ll be able to add another pound or so to it before the season is through, and then we’ll have some chili verde once the weather is actually cool enough to enjoy it!

The bees are thrilled to be getting syrup again. I feel validated after seeing feeder covers on the hives of a nearby commercial beekeeper, and the fact that it seems like the bees just doubled their numbers in the last two weeks! Definitely the right decision. What a relief to know we’ll be going into winter with a big strong colony.

The three chicken pullets who still haven’t been named are doing great. Pretty sure they’re all hens, which is good. I am thinkin’ we’ll get an egg or two out of them before winter comes. They’re almost as big as my old girls now.

The goats are just super cute and awesome as always. Peaches hasn’t had a regular heat yet, so she hasn’t been bred. We are still weighing our options as far as the new kidding shed is concerned. It might end up being a pretty large barn – well, larger than the one we have now.  Money is tight, but we want to build the right thing the first time rather than cutting corners, and we definitely need more hay storage as it is.

So that about does it. I haven’t been riding since the heatwave started. I miss the saddle, and I felt like Hammer and I were making some progress in the arena as well, but riding in this heat would be cruel to him and me! We’ll just have to wait until fall to really get into a good routine.

Okay, I guess I’ve officially exhausted all avenues of procrastination. Time to load up the truck and go to the dump. YUCK!