The Label-GMOs Fight Heats Up in California

Check out this helpful-yet-disturbing graphic from the Cornucopia Institute about who else is throwing money into the campaign to defeat Prop 37 (CA’s label GMOs law) besides the big boogeymen like Monsanto and Dupont:


Vote with your dollars, people! And if you’re in California, support Prop 37 and our right to know about GMOs!

2 thoughts on “The Label-GMOs Fight Heats Up in California

  1. I’m not surprised to see some of these brands on the list but saddened to see some of the others. Years ago, we owned a “health food” store and some of these brands were owned by small companies that were genuinely dedicated to quality, healthy, food. Now swallowed by corporate giants, they’re business zombies, still carrying good names but using them to hustle nasty products. You know, if GMOs truly were safe, why would they be dumping so many millions into fighting a proposition that simply requires food labels to disclose them?
    Go California!

    • Agreed! I am really hoping that Californians, including those who aren’t particularly jazzed up about food politics, will ask themselves that question too. I am optimistic. What worries me more is the ‘Monsanto Rider’ on the farm bill. They might just do an end run around the states by buying out enough members of Congress and use federal preemption to block state laws like Prop 37 even if they are enacted.

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