Remember the gate to the chicken run that was causing me such angst? It was just a piece of chicken wire tied up with baling string, and it was a horrible pain to open and close every morning and night, not to mention being ugly as all hell. Well, this weekend the fella and I built the new gate, dug the hole for the final post, set the post, and hung the gate! A man who will spend his holiday weekend building my chickens a gate is a man after my own heart, let me tell you.

In all its gatey splendor.

7 thoughts on “Gate!

    • They are indeed! Although the fella, being a welder by trade, had some choice things to say about the crooked welds and cold pressed steel screws that either stripped or lost their heads completely. But hey, he can build the thing from scratch next time, I’m just glad I have a gate!

  1. Nice! I feel your prior pain… our coop gate is a janky contraptions consisting of tied and baling-twine bound bits of wire with a stake on the end to hold it all together… no sense making a nicer one as we’ll be moving the whole coop sooner rather than later… good job lady (and fella)! She’s a beaut.

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