I forgot to take a picture of the final product before I left for work yesterday, so I didn’t post about it, but this weekend the fella also helped me build a cute little door between the henhouse and the run!  Last year we had a massacre when a hungry bobcat or raccoon got into the henhouse at night (I suspect bobcat because I’d seen one around the place that same week and the way the slaughter was executed was much cleaner and more efficient than a raccoon). Poor ladies just don’t have a chance in the middle of the night when they’re sleeping, so ever since then I lock up the henhouse at night to keep them safe. However, the big, new run we built this summer doesn’t have wire on top yet, so a crafty predator could get in to the henhouse through the run if it wanted. Well, not anymore!

The fella used a homemade compass to draw out the shape of the door, using string, a pencil, and a screw in the center.

Marking the door shape onto the OSB using the compass. We had to cut the door and a door frame as well, so that we could attach the door to the frame which would allow the door to swing all the way open.

Cutting out the door, and christening the awesome ‘hackzall’ my dad gave me for Christmas!

The little door, all closed up for the night.

Good morning, Ladies!  You can see the door frame that the door itself is attached to, which allows the hinges to open all the way. Pretty neat!