I mean for weeks OBSESSED with spiders. When I have a down minute I find myself googling “brown recluse California” or “looks like brown recluse” and so far have come up with zilch. Nada. Nothing. Then today I tried “brown spider California” and struck gold. Don’t ask me why it took me so long to perform that search. Some mysteries are best left unexplored. I did have to wade through pages and pages of creepy pictures and most of it was unhelpful. Then I came across a website listing common spiders in California, and finally! It had species names AND pictures.

One of the species listed looked just like my spider, and it was called Titiotus spp. family Tengellidae. Of course, that website didn’t say anything about these spiders, like for example, just throwing it out there, I dunno… ARE THEY POISONOUS? But at least I had a name. I searched the name and eventually found this article.

Blessed relief! I can now, hopefully, finally, stop thinking about spiders quite so much. And stop posting pictures of them on this blog and surely scaring off most of my readers. But before I leave this subject entirely, I must give a big thanks to the U.C. Riverside website for BLOODY NOTHING. David Vitter is the Dr. interviewed in the article above and he’s the same smartass from UCR making fun of hysterical Californians who suspect they have recluses in their homes. But did he bother putting up a picture on his own website of this harmless spider he himself admits looks exactly like a Brown Recluse? Newp. Course not.

So, here’s my one-finger salute to you, Dr. Vitter. May you be visited upon by hordes of Loxosceles reclusa, Sicariidae in your dreams, forever!