Delicious Outrage and Peach Jam

I went to San Francisco yesterday to visit with an old friend, and stayed the night with my sister. Before driving back to the Ranch this morning, I stopped at one of the gajillion supertrendy new spots with the exposed brick and the aluminum chairs that have opened up in my old neighborhood since I’ve been away. This was my breakfast. It cost me $11. It was delicious.

Look how big that muffin isn’t.

I am pretty disgusted to be out $11 because of a stupid muffin and a cup of coffee, and I can tell you right now that no muffin and cup of coffee is worth that much, but goddamn, I have got to figure out how to pull this off this little feat of engineering:

Okay that’s pretty cool.

Before I went to SF I made peach lavender jam from the peaches I harvested off my little tree. The fella and I picked them before they were fully ripe because otherwise the blue jays would beat us to them. Then we let them ripen in brown paper bags. This weekend they were finally ripe enough to use. They weren’t as sweet as they were last year, but they were very fragrant and flavorful. I think they will make fine jam, since jam uses so much sugar anyway.

First you make a tea out of lavender blossoms

Then you add the tea to the fruit, lemon juice, and sugar and boil hard.

Stir in the pectin, ladle in to sterilized jars, can in a hot water bath, and let them cool.

I had to use pint jars instead of jam jars because that’s all I had, but that’s fine. I’m a little annoyed that the fruit all floated to the top, leaving a couple inches of jelly at the bottom of each jar. I’m not much of a canner, but I did follow the directions pretty carefully, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. I made peach jam last year too and it did the same thing. Oh well. It will still taste good, for example with homemade goat’s milk yogurt… yum!

8 thoughts on “Delicious Outrage and Peach Jam

  1. That is a pretty amazing trick, albeit spendy. Is that pork product and green onion in that muffin as well? A scotch egg-mcmuffin? My guess is they lightly soft-boiled ’em, carefully peeled em, and slipped them in the center like a savory jam surprise… I guess that’s pretty labor intensive, hence the cost. That, and everything in San Fran is wicked expensive, but you know that! haha And don ‘t sweat it- your peach preserves look beautiful just the way they are. Maybe if you cooked them longer they wouldn’t have floated, but would have probably lost some of their vibrant color. Just stir them up when you open them and no one will ever know.

    • Yes, the muffin had little crumbles of sausage and green onions. It was lovely. I’m thinking you’re right, it had to have been soft boiled separately, to maintain that perfect shape. Although it was a little gooey around the egg, and there were no traces of excavation taking place on the muffin. Very tricksy! Thanks re: the preserves, too, I’ll take your advice ;)

  2. I like how in these photos, the egg yolk is the same color as the peach jam. which makes me think they somehow got peach jam in there in the form of an egg…kind of like a cadbury cream egg situation!

  3. It burns to have to pay that kind of money for so little sustenance, doesn’t it. It was awfully pretty though! Fruit that hasn’t been crushed (rather than just chopped) usually will float as it still has air trapped in it. Crushing is usually the only way to avoid that. Enjoy your jam, it sounds absolutely delicious!

  4. well for 11 bucks at least you got a groovy surprise in the egg :) curiouser and curiouser ;) I love the jam, looks delicious. We had so few peaches this year they were consumed before jam could even be said.

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