An armload of post-deerpocalypse veggies from my garden.

It’s getting close to the time when the summer garden gets ripped out and the winter garden put in. I’ll probably get around to it the first weekend of October, in the meantime, most of the plants that were chomped down by deer have recovered and are cheerfully supplying me with fall veggies.

We generally have mild weather into November, so the winter veggie starts get a few weeks of easy living to get themselves established. I actually haven’t done anything other than kale in a winter garden, and that didn’t go in until February, but it did fine. This year I want to plant kale, chard, onions, and garlic.  Maybe beets. And I want to see about getting some fennel in (there seems to be little consensus about when the best time to plant fennel is, but maybe that’s because it’s practically a weed around here.)

Still no eggs from the new hens, but they really should be starting any day now. Especially the Ameraucana. She’s even bigger than my last Ameraucana was! And Peaches the goat STILL hasn’t come into heat, at least that any of us can tell. Maybe we’re just totally doofuses about it and it’s happening right before our eyes, but what else can I do? I swear I never thought I would be spending so much time inspecting a goat’s vagina in my life.  Oy.  So that’s the news from Henge and Hollow!