I know I said no more spiders on the blog now that the Brown Recluse mystery is solved, but then I went outside to water my dwarf lemon tree and found this by the hose.

Big ass spider looking like it’s dressed up for Mardi Gras or something. Go away.

Apparently what we have here is a Yellow Garden Spider, which is totally fine.  It looks a little bit like the orb spiders that used to hang out in my garden in Oakland and make beautiful patterned webs. They were big, but this homie is HUGE. Including legs maybe 3 1/2 inches across. And furry, like a stuffed animal almost. Super weird.  Also he was running around like crazy, and not being all chill like orb spiders normally are (hence the blurry photo – due to his running around, I too was running around. Or, rather, away).

So anyway, I know I said no more spiders, but if I keep having to deal with them, you can bet I’m making all you people look at them too.