This is mostly wood that was green when we split it last year. Now it’s perfecto!

It’s that time of year. Even though temperatures have been hovering around the 90s for a the last few days, it is time to get ready for winter.  The fella and I have been busily replacing woodpecker-ravaged trim on the house, caulking the cracks in the siding, and rehabbing the water-damaged back door.

The tan colored vertical trim is new, not yet painted, and has replaced rotten old stuff that looked like Swiss cheese it had so many woodpecker holes in it!

On Friday my dad revved up the trusty Husqvarna and we set about bucking up a few fallen black oaks and loading up Sal the pickup.

Giant, perfectly seasoned black oak logs ready for the splitter.

We stacked the stove-ready logs on the remains of last year’s woodpile and dumped up the all the big mamma-jammas in the driveway to be split up a few weekends from now with a big, loud, stinky, and totally awesome hydraulic splitter. I read about folks who are getting back to simpler ways, using horses to haul logs out of the woods, and axes and their own brawn to render them to useable size.  All I can say to them is, good on ya! You’re hardier folk than I.  We only hauled firewood for a few hours (on a steep hill, in my defense) and I was whupped! I definitely need some toughening up, but for now I’m going to stick with my combustion engine friends the chainsaw, the truck, and the log splitter to help me keep cozy this winter.

Next on the list: cleaning out gutters and . . . ack! Painting the whole house!