It’s going to be another long stretch before I have anything interesting to blog about. Not that I haven’t been busy, oh no! The fella and I have been busting our bums getting the Dome buttoned up for winter, which this weekend finally meant painting! Unfortunately, because we’re using the exact same color paint as before, is not a tremendously photogenic project. In person it is an incredible transformation, let me tell you. But all my photos look like boring pictures of green walls, and with the slanty fall sunlight, are so high-contrast that any differences in color are totally lost with my cruddy camera. So you’ll have to take my word for it: the house looks like a million bucks! We’re about halfway done, and the rest will have to wait until the weekend as the fella and I both have paycheck-style work to do for the next few days.

p.s. I tried the peach shrub this weekend and it is DELICIOUS!  Makes an amazing cocktail with a jigger of rum, and a splash of sody-water over ice. I use only about an ounce of shrub in the mix and it’s perfectly sweet, super flavorful (but watch out, cuz you can’t taste the rum!) and very refreshing. I am also thinking it will make an amazing hot toddy type drink heated up with some bourbon, which is a little more suited for the season.

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