Dome Improvements

Jeez golly, I have been trying to get a good picture of the house ever since the sun came back out and I just can’t seem to get any that really show how much better the place looks. As I mentioned before, we used the exact same color of paint. That and the fact that there are tons of shadows from all the trees around the house makes it impossible to get a really clean and distinct image of the improvement.  But fret not, I do have a before and after for you, such as it is.  I remembered that I’d taken a picture of the back of the house just before I started my whole patio project this summer, so here you go!

The Dome back in June of this year.

And the Dome today! Patio completed, trim replaced, siding replaced, painted, and back door refinished and painted. Yay!

It feels really good to have this project completed ahead of winter. Of course there are still a few things to finish up, as there always are. But the hard part is out of the way, and the house is ready to keep us warm and dry this winter. And it’s looking mighty snuggy, if I do say so myself.

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