The Fella and I went on a Sunday walk yesterday. We took the typical loop, which is about two miles through my family’s property and our neighbor’s pasture. It feels quite remote, with a few impressive vistas overlooking the Bear River canyon. On a clear day one can see the Sutter Buttes and even all the way west to the Coastal Range.

Usually we have a dog entourage with us for these walks, including Lola and some or all of my neighbors’ dogs. Yesterday our escort had a new member.

Me with Zoe the dog and . . . Junebug the cat!

Junebug considers Lola (ahead, in the sweater) to be her big sister.

Wherever Lola goes, Junebug wants to tag along!

Two miles is a long walk for a kitty! I realize they can have pretty large ranges, and Junebug is definitely the master of her domain, but still. How many cats do you know who would take a hike in the woods with you?



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