Pots of Gold

barrels and feed

Well, it’s here. Contained in these two lovely (truly, they’re quite pretty) 55 gallon barrels are 500 pounds of organic, soy free chicken feed. This represents the largest single expense of the broiler chicken project, coming in at around $250. Now that the decision is made, the money spent, and the goods in hand, I am quite pleased.  We got a great deal on the barrels ($15 a piece for barely used, food grade metal barrels with locking lids!) and shipping ($20 – woulda been $110 had I not hooked up with some other locals who also wanted organic feed from the same place), and a discount on the feed due to the bulk order, all of which which made us feel like wise buyers.  The chicks arrive in two weeks from the Freedom Ranger Hatchery in Pennsylvania.  I still cannot believe those little puffs manage to survive two days of transit in a cardboard box, but I guess they do. Hopefully!

Next up: the world’s most overbuilt chick brooder

3 thoughts on “Pots of Gold

  1. excited for you. yea it’s always amazes me how those little peepers can travel by mail and make it alive…our post office calls us the moment they arrive in the morning so we can get them home…(usually about 6:30 AM) looking forward to hearing more stuff.DM<

  2. WOW! great price – how did you find your feed source? care to share, ’cause we’re looking for an organic feed source for our fall group of freedom rangers. so far we’ve found organic for $20/50#. and, nice barrels.

    • My source is Modesto Milling. You can get a price list from them (changes periodically and I think my is old at this point). I think the price you’re getting is better than what they have, although the feed mix we got from them was fantastic and definitely grew the birds out FAST. I went in on a group order that someone else put together, so I’m not exactly sure how the bulk discount was ultimately calculated. I was pleasantly surprised by the total cost and wrote my check without asking too many questions!

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