Chicks day 4

I mentioned at the end of the last post that there was one little chick I didn’t think would make it.  Well, it appears that my second attempt to force the little guy to drink some water was successful. Four days later, they are all still alive, starting to sprout real feathers on their wings, and are stinking up the joint like you wouldn’t believe. Thank god we designed to brooder to be outside. Gag me! Until they get a little bigger we’re just going to deep-bed them, meaning add more and more clean chips on top of the dirties.  I want to properly clean out the brooder, believe me, but I can just imagine 26 tiny heart-attacks caused by Godzirra (that’s what we call ourselves when we open the lid to feed or change their water) tearing apart their little chicken city. We’ll wait until they get a little older and feistier before we go in and destroy Tokyo.