Well, this morning I went out to the tractor and found one of the Freedom Rangers had died. It looked like he’d been . . . well . . . squished. I’ve seen them pile up on top of each other for naps and fairly trample each other at the feeders from time to time, but this was one of the bigger birds, and I have a hard time visualizing how he could have gotten so buried he was unable to wiggle himself free. What a depressing way to go! And pretty weird too. Is this a mutant (ok, hybrid) chicken-ism? A thing heritage birds wouldn’t do? Maybe, but I couldn’t help noticing that two others were standing over him, chirping loudly like “Hey! Wake up!”  I feel like if they were total mutants they wouldn’t have even noticed one of their friends was acting funny.

Anyway, they better not do that again. They have loads of room in the tractor so there’s no excuse to squish each other like that.

p.s. Perhaps this is kind of morbid, but I took the opportunity to weigh the carcass and he came in at 1 lb 8.8 oz. Not bad for just under 4 weeks!