Five Weeks!

The Freedom Rangers are five weeks old! Who's Godzirra now, huh?

The Freedom Rangers are five weeks old! Who’s Godzirra now, huh?

Back to loving my Freedom Rangers. The foot issues cleared up almost immediately with a multivitamin supplement and a bit of food rationing.  They are super active, love foraging, and are growing like crazy but still look healthy and happy. We weighed four of them last Thursday and they were ranging between just under 2 lbs to almost 3.  They are bigger now and I’m guessing they’re now ranging between 2 to 3+ lbs at least.  So far no more casualties, we’re holding at 25 birds. Just 5 more weeks to go!

My sister is helping me line up buyers in San Francisco for our extras and the demand is definitely there. And people are already signing up for Thanksgiving turkeys! I can’t imagine trying to make a living doing this, but if we break even on the project I will be thrilled.

3 thoughts on “Five Weeks!

  1. Those things look awesome! People who have never raised their own birds have no idea the financial cost that goes into raising them the right way. A friend of mine last year raised a few turkeys, I bought 3…. His cost was around $40 to $45 a bird..he was NOT making anything..I paid him gladly, but I could tell some other people for whom I had picked up one of his birds was a little frustrated shall we say when I told them the price… @ the end of the day, I am not interested in raising stuff like that any more for anyone who doesn’t appreciate it. If we lived closer I would gladly hire you to raise us a turkey! are you going to clean all of them before people get them, or what are your plans with that part of the process?

    • I hear you on that. With Whole Foods running $2.99 per lb specials on organic chicken, it’s basically impossible to compete pricewise with the big producers. I am counting on folks understanding the value of farm-raised, local meat. Luckily I’m near the S.F. Bay Area, which is a very foodie place and people are willing to spend a lot more for something special. By cleaning them, do you mean slaughtering and processing them? We’re not doing it ourselves, we’re taking them to a USDA inspected processor nearby. I can’t deny being pretty glad about that.

      • typed out a long reply and accidently deleted the darn thing :-( Yep, I was wondering about butchering. Wish we had one of those plants locally…there used to be one but it shut down due to all the red tape. If we lived closer, I would definitely order a turkey from you! they are so cool especially to watch how big they get. just my two cents worth..but I would suggest the big white ones..put on weight easily and don’t have all the pin feathers compared to the other breeds.

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