Tiny Turkey Update

Jerky turkey his roost in the chicken tractor.

Jerky turkey on its roost in the chicken tractor.

So, we released the tiny turkey about a week ago.  It turned out that it really didn’t want to be our turkey.  It ate and drank and grew and was healthy but it was not happy. It hated us, basically.

Still, we didn’t take it too personally. We just wanted to make sure that it was old enough to have a fighting chance in the wild. We decided to release it when a band of adult turkeys wandered through the property and we saw how desperate the little guy was to join them.

When we let it go, that jerky turkey (closest thing to a name it ever got) actually FLEW into the trees. It was amazing, considering how much it looked like a little baby chicken, to see it take flight and end up in a tree about 25 feet up in the air.  Can you imagine a little chicken doing that? Once it was out there it was almost impossible to see, being perfectly camouflaged.

Who knows if it made it or if it got snagged by a hawk or other predator, but it was about as wiley as you can get for a little brown puff.  I hope it’s out there being jerky with its fellow turkeys, I really do.

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