The babies were born last night! All THREE of them (the Fella was right).

The deets: She had them all by herself sometime between 4 and 8pm.  We checked on her and gave them all some ice for their water around 4 and then when we went to put them in for the night, there were babies! They are all boys (darn) and all healthy.  There is one guy who is bigger than the other two but none of them is worryingly runty. They are the sweetest things ever and Mama P is the best.  We moved them all into the new barn (supposed to be a kidding shed but she beat us to it!) which is still not completely finished.

So without further ado: baby goats!!!

The flip flop (a women's size 9) is for perspective.

The flip flop (a women’s size 9) is for perspective.

So so tiny!

So so tiny!

Can barely walk and he's already climbing on Mom.

Can barely walk and he’s already climbing on Mom.