Breakfast of Champions

This was my breakfast this morning:

Sprouted wheat toast with homemade chevre and garden tomatoes.

Sprouted wheat toast with homemade chevre and garden tomatoes.

Milking Peaches is like spending the morning in the Thunderdome. Today she refused to get up onto the stand for about 20 minutes.  I tried to lift her up and she struggled violently and we both fell over.  After that she just paced back and forth until I pretended to leave the milking parlor and she thought she could get away with eating her grain without being milked. She jumped up there herself but tried to jump off when I came in and I had to wrestle her just to keep her on until I could close the stanchion. Then she kicked and kicked and fought me pretty much the whole time. We got a little hand pump milker (like a breast pump for goats) because that’s what her last owner used, but I can’t even get her to stand still long enough to get it on her. I am getting pretty good at milking her by hand but more than once she’s managed to kick a pretty full pail out of my hands, spilling it all over me and everywhere and giving her something to slip around in dramatically as she struggles against the torture.  I have bruises all over my chest from getting nailed by her hocks as she tries to kick at me (I can prevent her from connecting with her hoof but those bony hocks hurt pretty bad too).  Every morning, the session inevitably ends with both of us panting and cross and totally filthy.

I am starting to dislike this goat, I cannot lie.

Still, I got a good 16 oz from her this morning and that was just off the one side she’d ‘let’ me milk. I have to use quotes there because she doesn’t let me at all, she just fights even worse when I try to milk the left side of her udder. If I could ever milk her out I am confident I’d get a quart at least. She’s a good producer! Just a terrible awful rotten no good milker.

So, this morning, dirty and frustrated and smelling like a goat’s behind, I took my pail of milk and headed back into the house. Then, after a shower and a much needed cup of coffee, I got a chance to enjoy the spoils of war.  Light, fluffy, with just the slightest tang, this goat cheese is so incredibly delicious! With a little salt and pepper, topped with fresh garden tomato slices, my breakfast tastes like victory, even if it’s really just a draw.

Peaches: 1, Sara: 1

Stay tuned for the next round.

One thought on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. I grew up milking cows. The desire to have a house cow (or goat) is not there :-) I have yet to milk a goat, but can imagine what it is like. Milking a fresh heifer who has never been milked before can also be a rodeo adventure. 1200 pounds of kicking hoof who wants nothing more than to stomp you and your milking machine into the floor. yee-ha. brings back memories. I enjoy reading your exploits. thanks for taking the time to post. DM

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