St. Maure de Touraine

I’m trying my first mold-ripened cheese! This lovely French cheese seems like the height of sophistication, yet it is a simple riff on a very easy recipe.  You make a batch of chevre, innoculate it with white mold, drain off the whey in forms, and when the curd is solid enough, remove the form and roll the ‘buche’ in salt and ash and age it! I took over a little fridge we had that wasn’t getting used, and have it set at its warmest setting – about 52 degrees. The buches should begin to develop a white mold rind that will turn them from coal-black to a soft grey, and the inside will become creamy and smooth. YU-HUM!

Here’s what mine look like on day 1 of aging:

st maure day 1

The sticks are inserted to help turn the cheese daily without harming the developing rind. Also note the dish of water at the bottom of the fridge to help maintain humidity in the ‘cave.’

Here’s what (I hope) the finished product will look like:

photo borrowed from

I want it! (photo borrowed from